Buehler presents the IsoMet ™ High Speed – An advanced precision cutter

Lake Bluff, IL – Buehler, one of the leading manufacturers of scientific equipment and supplies for use in material analysis, is introducing the IsoMet High Speed, a precision cutting machine designed specifically to create consistent and efficient cuts. IsoMet High Speed ​​was presented at the MS & T Conference (Materials Science and Technology), a joint conference of organizations ACerS, AIST, ASM International and TMS in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The IsoMet High Speed ​​precision cutter cuts (cuts) any sample with efficiency, consistency and precision using diamond-edge or abrasive discs. It is a robust cutter that provides consistent cutting performance for laboratories with the following key features:

  • The automatic movement in three axes allows a precise alignment and a fast cut.
  • Automatic preparation system keeps the cutting quality constant and reduces the frequency of change of the dressing rod. * IsoMet High Speed ​​Pro
  • Fast laser alignment saves time with instant visual alignment with laser. * IsoMet High Speed ​​Pro
  • Intuitive controls allow the programming of individual sections or repeatable and consistent series
  • Quick sample adjustments offer easy sample adjustment with the Rapid Rail system and without tools.
  • “The IsoMet High Speed ​​is available in two formats: High Speed ​​and High Speed ​​Pro. Both provide strength and power to produce quality cutting surfaces; in the High Speed ​​Pro version, Buehler has added additional skills to improve the user experience with a laser for the visual alignment of the disc and an automatic preparation system to maintain the quality of the diamond disc throughout the cut. “

Buehler offers a complete selection of accessories for the IsoMet High Speed ​​including the fast rail support, the quick clamps, the preparation wheels and the external tank of the recirculation.

Buehler is a leading provider of scientific equipment, supplies, consumables and analysis techniques for use in the preparation of materials, image analysis and hardness testing. Buehler products span a wide variety of industries, including Primary Metals, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Electronics, Medicine, Energy and more.

For more information about the IsoMet High Speed ​​contact at: email arotec@arotec.com.co or contact a commercial representative.