Coating Thickness Measurement (Manuel) PAINT BORER 518 USB

Mech./opt. Coating thickness measurement, wedge cutting, drilling, up to 2000 μm, automatic evaluations (software)

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The PAINT BORER 518 USB is a very compact instrument. All the principal components – the drilling device, the digital microscope, the specimen illumination and the battery – are enclosed in a sturdy housing. A slide moving on horizontal slide-ways houses the drill and microscope and gives the PAINT BORER 518 USB its particular feature: the instrument itself does not have to be moved for measuring after drilling. The drill is spring mounted in the slide so that it can be pressed down onto the specimen with minimum force, the drill being switched on automatically when this is done. The carbide
drills are easy to exchange and supplied with different accurately maintained cutting angles for 3 standard measuring ranges. The light button on the backside of the PAINT BORER 518 USB can be set for either continuous light as well as three levels of illumination or interrupted illumination to prolong battery life. A 9-volt rechargeable battery is employed; mains operation with the charging unit is possible. Optionally, a specimen table for fixation/
measurement of small parts is available.
Purpose and application: Thickness measurements in accordance with the standardised wedge cut method.
Test principle: The PAINT BORER 518 USB operates in accordance with the standardised wedge cut method in which the specimen is cut in a defined angle. With a high-resolution digital microscope (50 x magnification) with integrated light (8x white LED, adjustable), equipped with a 2 million pixels CMOS image sensor and scalable precision measurement, a direct image capture directly from the object is made. With the new 518 USB, connectable to a PC, laptop/WINDOWS-tablet, a convenient digitally supported way is given for visual recognition/detection/measurement and documentation. An appropriate software is included.
Scope of delivery:
drill no. 5
2 felt tip pens (black/silver)
screw driver
rechargeable battery (9 V)
power pack (100 – 240) VAC, (47 – 63) Hz
software (USB-stick)
calibration standard
plastic case