Drying Tester Drying Time Recorder Model 504-V

Drying time recorder, automatic testing of up to 6 coatings in parallel, with variable testing speeds

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The Drying Time Recorder Model 504-V consists of a metal body with a cover plate. This plate serves as a platform for holding 6 glass strips measuring 305 x 25 mm onto which the coatings are applied. The six hemispherically ended testing needles are fixed in a carrier device made of steel. The Drying Time Recorder with variable testing speeds, has a choice of 20 pre-programmed running times from 7.5 minutes to 96 hours. Other running times (in increments of 30s) are available on request and accordingly to be specified in the order. The set time is shown on the illuminated display. Depending on the drying condition of the coating, different track definitions are possible. To determine the time of each transitional point the carrier device with the test needles is moved back by hand and the needles placed on the appropriate point. The relevant time can then be read off on the time scale.
Purpose and application: The Drying Time Recorder, Model 504-V, automatically determines and registers the drying behaviour of paints and similar coatings.
Test Principle: A needle slides over the coating film at a definedspeed. The track produced by the needle varies according to the degree of dryness. The various drying stages are defined by calculating the time and track characteristics of the film under investigation.
Scope of delivery:
Drying Time Recorder, Model 504-V
6 glass strips
6 test needles
1 mains cable
1 operating manual