Elasticity Testing Model 266 S-Basic

Adhesive strength during bending stress, mandrel bending test, conical and cylindrical, ISO/EN ISO/EN/ASTM, 1 mandrel at choice

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The cylindrical Mandrel Bending Tester, Model 266 S-Basic, is a compact, robust lever-type instrument made of lacquered steel which is suitable for table-top use. The three pivoted pressure rollers parallel to the axis of the cylinder are made of rigid PVC. The instrument is supplied in a sturdy plastic case. Model 266 S-Basic only includes 1 cylindrical mandrel at choice (please specify when ordering). Additional individual mandrels can be ordered optionally.
Purpose and application: Purpose and application The mandrel bending test is a commonly used testing method for assessing the flexibility and the adhesive properties of coatings when these are subjected to bending stresses. The cylindrical Mandrel Bending Tester, Model 266 S-Basic, comply with the standards EN ISO 1519, EN 13523-7 and ASTM D 522.
Test principle: Testing with the cylindrical mandrel bending tester determines the greatest cylinder diameter at which a coating will still show cracking or flaking subsequent to bending.The cylindrical Mandrel Bending Tester, Model 266 S-Basic, allows the testing of samples up to a width of 100 mm.
Scope of delivery:
Cylindrical Mandrel Bending Tester, Model 266 S-Basic
1 cylindrical mandrel (at choice)
sturdy plastic case