Elasticity Testing Model 266 S

Adhesive strength during bending stress, mandrel bending test, conical and cylindrical, ISO/EN ISO/EN/ASTM, 14 mandrels

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The Model 266 S cylindrical mandrel bending tester is a compact and robust lever-based device made of painted steel. It comes with 14 easily replaceable cylindrical (in the low diameters 2, 3 and 4 mm reinforced) VA mandrels (diameter: 2 – 32 mm). The three swivel pressure rollers (which are parallel to the cylinder axis) are made of rigid PVC. This device is delivered in a plastic case. The Model 312 conical mandrel bending tester is a compact and robust painted-steel tabletop unit. The conical mandrel and the counter-roller, which can be swivelled parallel to the cone surface, are made of stainless steel. The clamping device equipped with an eccentric lever enables the samples to be swapped quickly and easily.
Purpose and application: Purpose and application The mandrel bending test is a commonly used testing method for assessing the flexibility and the adhesive properties of coatings when these are subjected to bending stresses. The cylindrical Mandrel Bending Tester, Model 266 S, comply with the standards EN ISO 1519, EN 13523-7 and ASTM D 522.
Test principle: Testing with the cylindrical mandrel bending tester determines the greatest cylinder diameter at which a coating will still show cracking or flaking subsequent to bending.The cylindrical Mandrel Bending Tester, Model 266 S, allows the testing of samples up to a width of 100 mm.
Scope of delivery:
Cylindrical Mandrel Bending Tester, Model 266 S
14 cylindrical mandrels
sturdy plastic case