Impact Testing MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 VDA I

Stone impact simulations, VDA/DIN/PSA/DBL, also for bombardment-type cabinets (e.g. for wheels)

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The MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 VDA I is a multi-blow test instrument of high precision, and its special feature is the good repeatability and comparability of the test results obtained. The specimen is subjected to impacts by sharp-edged steel shot accelerated by compressed air. An air accumulator in the system eliminates effects of momentary pressure variations in the external compressed air supply. The shot is entered automatically using an adjustable vibratory feed. The clear arranged menu navigation via the touch panel has password-protected levels, which protect against unauthorized access (such as program changes).
Purpose and application: The MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 VDA is a stone hammer blow testing instrument that at first was developed in co-operation with the “Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA)” (Association of the Automotive Industry) but now also meets the specifications of national and international standards. The MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 VDA is used to assess the ability of single and multiple layers of paints and similar coating materials to stand up to the impacts caused by small bodies of low mass hitting the specimen at high speed as experienced on road and rai l vehicles and other equipment used in the transport field.
Test principle: A defined number of impact bodies of specified shape, material and surface quality is made to impinge for a given period of time and with a defined energy at a determinate angle (54° in accordance with DIN/ISO) of impact onto the specimen.
Scope of delivery:
MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 VDA I with manual specimen applying device
1 kg Shot (Steel shot)
Operating Instructions