Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine Model 202 EM

Paint testing machine, Erichsen cupping, up to 45 kN tensile force

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Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine, Model 202 EM, with electromotive drive, equipped with a laterally opened test head, test tool in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1520, electric installation for connecting the illumination of the microscope as well as a digital display for the acquisition of the ERICHSEN cupping value, with integrated preselection counter for setting the maximum cupping value required. The machine is operated via touch panel.
Application: This simple to operate Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine is used for rapid and accurate measurement of the elongation and adhesion properties of protective paints and other coatings of all types using the Erichsen Cupping Test in accordance with
BS 3900 : Part E4
NF T 30-019
SIS 18 41 77
on sheet metal specimens up to 1.5 mm thick.
The ERICHSEN Cupping Test provides valuable information on the suitability of a coating material for application in practise. Low cupping test values mean that the coated product may not withstand elongation stresses arising, resulting in corrosion of the substrate.
Model 202 EM is versatile and can be further enhanced by the various accessories available. The machine is a valuable tool for the quality control both for producers of paints and coating materials and for users.
Principle of the Test:
The Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine, Model 202 EM, is a bench mounted unit with a sheet steel housing, test cylinder and operator’s control panel.
The coated specimen panel is entered into the opening of the test cylinder with the coated surface facing upwards. Due to the laterally opening of the cylinder also larger sheet metal panels can be accommodated in the test head. On Model 202 EM the sheet metal specimen is clamped automatically using a separate clamping piston.
The machine is operated via the touch panel in the front area. The clear menu navigation via the touch panel has password-protected levels that protect against unauthorized access (such as program changes).
Test parameters such as speed (2 – 60 mm /min) or punch stop are entered before the test begins.The “Start” screen displays all the required parameters, such as the drawing distance and the drawing speed. After pressing the start button, the specimen is clamped and then automatically starts the “forming process”. The sample surface is subjected to bilateral bending and stretching during the cupping process. As soon as the first crack is visible on the surface the movement of the ball punch is stopped by pushing the stop function. The ERICHSEN Cupping Depth reached can be seen on the display. On completion of the test both the drawing and the clamping piston return to their starting position, and the specimen panel can be taken out of the test head.
The system of the Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine, Model 202 EM, is secured by a limit switch and an overload protection, when reaching the final position.
Scope of delivery:
Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine, Model 202 EM
Test Tool No. 27
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