Sample Preparation HANDCUTTER 428

Defined scratch damage of painted surfaces, scratching point according to Clemen


Scratching tool according to Clemen, Model 428 – with a high-quality, sturdy plastic handle, ergonomically shaped, for generating the necessary scratching force without fatigue, even on most hard paint surfaces, there is a solid aluminium adapter block made for holding the scratching tool. The HANDCUTTER 428 comes with the test probe (according to Clemen) as a scratching tool. It is also possible to use the above mentioned test probes according to the Van Laar principle, or for cross-cut tests.
Purpose and application: It is a common method to prepare coated test panels for corrosion tests by applying various linear scratches in a vertical, horizontal or intersecting manner in such a way that the resistance of the coating system against rust formation under the coating can be tested. Beside the use of a test tip according to “van Laar” as scratch tool, frequently the use of a test tip according to “Clemen” (included in the scope of supply) is specified for this procedure. Sometimes a single test tip for cross hatch cutting tests may also be used. Depending on the requirements the user has to meet, these test tips used as scratch tools are appropriate tools to produce defined scratches on coating surfaces provided for accelerated corrosion tests, such as condensation water tests, gas corrosion tests, salt spray tests, continuous or alternate immersion tests and accelerated weathering tests etc.
Scope of delivery:
Scratch tool acc. to Clemen