Sample Preparation Scratch Stylus acc. to Sikkens, Model 463

Defined scratching damage of painted surfaces, Sikkens-type scratch tip


The Model 463 Sikkens-type scratching stylus consists of a carbide cutting edge with a side support button guide and a handle. In the standard version of the Model 463, the cutting edge has a width of 1 mm and right-angled edges. Turn the adjustment screws to align the cutting edge so that it is in line with the support head (as shown in Figure 2). A carbide cutting edge of 0.5 mm width is also available on request.
Purpose and application: The scratching stylus method is used to produce defined damages (cracks) on coated test panels to be used in corrosion tests, as, for instance, the Fog Spray Test acc. to DIN EN ISO 9227 with the ERICHSEN Corrosion Testing Apparatus, Models 606 and 608. This method provides a criterion for the evaluation of the extent or influence of corrosion underneath a coating and its effect on the adhesion. The length of the lateral damage underneath the coating serves as a measure of the corrosion protection factor.
Scope of delivery:
Scratch Stylus acc. to Sikkens, Model 463
Sikkens cutting edge 1 mm