Sample Preparation SCRATCHMARKER 427

Defined scratch damage of painted surfaces, with tip of 0.5 mm diameter


The SCRATCHMARKER 427 scratching tool consists of a basic unit with a carbide scratching tool (diameter of 0.5 mm, tip radius of 0.25 mm), a scale disc for setting the desired scratching depth, a max. scratching depth of approx. 500 μm, scale graduation of 25 μm, and an end-stop ruler. The required levelling plate for depth adjustment is also included with this product. The compact design of the SCRATCHMARKER and the practical end-stop ruler make fatigue-free working possible, even under high workloads.
Purpose and application: The SCRATCHMARKER 427 serves to apply defined scratches through coatings on specimen panels used for corrosion tests (e.g. in the ERICHSEN Corrosion Test Instruments, Models 519, 606 or 608). According to the various standards different scratch pattern are produced.
Scope of delivery:
Graduated dial
Calibrating device for adjusting the depth of the scratch
Circuit indicator Testboy®
Carrying case
Instruction manual