Washability and Scrubbing Resistance Washability and Scrub Resistance Tester Model 494 MC

Wash resistant and scrub resistance, DIN EN ISO 11998/DIN/ASTM, up to 3 tests in parallel

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The Washibility and Scrubbing Resistance Tester, Model 494 MC (attached with leveling feet) has a top cover plate on which the steel trough for the testing performance is placed. Further, it is equipped with two specimen clamping devices. A high-precision step motor operated by a micro-controller allows a periodic linear movement of the drive frame which holds/guides the abrasion bodies, with a high repeatability. The swivel-mounted frame for inserting the abrasion bodies is designed for holding/guiding up to three of them. Due to this up to three parallel abrasion tests are possible. For tests according with DIN EN ISO 11998, the supplied ISO adapter has to be mounted. The operation via keypad and 6-line-display is comfortable, with the functions:
controlling the stroke (start, stop, reset)
setting the test parameter (stroke rate, stroke path, number of double strokes)
storage of frequently used test sequences(up to 20 sets of parameters).
Purpose and Application: The ERICHSEN Washibility and Scrubbing Resistance Tester, Model 494 MC, is mainly intended for the determination of the washing and scrubbing resistance as well as cleanability of dispersion paints (specifically ”wall paints”). The wide range of its adjustable parameters allows also some further tailored/customized testing matters (for example for testing cleaning agents/solutions, etc.) as well.
Principle of Test: In the standard applications a matt black PVC foil will be coated, and – if required – soiled in a defined manner. After clamping into the device it will be exposed under the influence of a washing liquid the stress of the moving scrub body.