Weathering Tester 532 / II

Accelerated weathering device, for dry and wet weathering cycles, mercury vapour lamp


The BANDOL WHEEL®H 532/II is the “wet/dry” version and is based on the conventional version of the device, with an additional immersion phase for the samples. For this purpose, a boiler was installed in the lower part of the test chamber. By regulating the fill-level of the solution liquid in this boiler, the ratio between dry and wet operations can be adjusted in a highly accurate, safe and reproducible manner. To complete the weathering cycle, an aperture can be installed in the device (for extending the lifespan of the lamp).
Purpose and application: The BANDOL WHEEL® System, together with the regulation of the temperature by a micro-controller, allows to obtain results that classical instrument can not achieve. The samples get a nominal UV radiation level corresponding to about “2 suns”. This permits an important acceleration in weathering that, at the same time, still correlates with natural weathering.
Scope of delivery:
Mains cable
Instruction manual